Why I started this service.

It all started when a friend’s traditional brick and mortar business (who was a customer of a certain company called F******m S*******s) came to me for help with their website.

He had paid within a range about SGD 5-10k to set up his website, which looked EXACTLY like a templated site i.e. bad. He wasn’t very tech-savvy either, so self-building a website wasn’t an option. Plus this company was overcharging him for low-cost/free things like hosting and SSL.

How would someone like him get a premium-looking website without paying a premium? I realised it was something I could help him with. And something I definitely can help you with.

*I offer free advice for your business to save money in your journey to go online, but would appreciate if you could give me some business! I definitely charge less than many competitors out there!